Saitama City Educators (SCE)

  • President and Co-founder, 2010 to present
  • About: さいたま市教育家会 (SCE) is a Japanese grassroots teaching organisation dedicated to providing support, training and a forum for professional development, to anyone with an interest in education in Saitama City.


the Journal of Saitama City Educators (JSCE)

  • ISSN 2182-7822
  • Editor 2010 to present
  • About: さいたま市教育家会ジャーナル (JSCE) is an online journal.  It is an official publication with an ISSN number.  Submissions are open to anyone with an interest in education in Saitama City.  JSCE is a multi-lingual journal.


Japan Association of Language Teachers (JALT)

  • Omiya Chapter Membership Chair, 2010 to 2012
  • JET liaison 2009 to 2012
  • Member 2009 to present
  • About: The Japan Association of Language Teaching (JALT) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the improvement of language teaching and learning both within Japan and internationally.  JALT has nearly 3,000 members, with 35 chapters and 26 special interest groups. Omiya JALT is a JALT chapter.


Critical Thinking Special Interest Group

  • Publications Chair 2013 to present
  • Member 2013 to present
  • JALT has numerous Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These groups are made of JALT members who share a professional interest.  The Critical Thinking (CT) SIG was established to provide a forum for the discussion of critical thinking and  to provide research opportunities to language educators interested in promoting critical thinking.


Nakasendo English Conference

  • Conference Proceedings 2013 Cover Design
  • Participating Organisation Liaison 2013
  • Web and Print Design 2012
  • Planning Committe Member 2011
  • About: Nakasendo is an ever-expanding, multi-organizational English conference based on mutual support and collaboration.  It is an annual event inaugurated in 2008.


English Teachers in Japan (ETJ)

  • Member, 2011 to present
  • About: English Teachers in Japan (ETJ) is a free association for English teachers in Japan that encourages the exchange of information and teaching ideas and supports the professional development of teachers.


Filipino English Teachers in Japan (FETJ)

  • Member, 2011 to present
  • About: Filipino English Teachers in Japan (FETJ) is an association of Filipino English teachers in Japan which provides support to  its members by facilitating regular education through trainings, continuous communication, and assistance in job placements.  The organization aims to serve as bridge between members and  other related institutions including Japanese Board of Education, serving as a Liaison. It also serves as a catalyst towards enhancing the quality of life among the  Filipinos living in Japan.