Article: Planning an Educational English Event for your Students

  • Co Author: Alana Schramm
  • Abstract: Many schools, not just those that specialize in language education, hold educational English events. These events represent an opportunity for professional development and personal satisfaction for the teachers involved. This article gives some practical advice on how to plan an educational English event for your students.
  • 要約: 外国語特長の学校だけではなく、多くの学校は英語のイベントを開きます。参加する先生方には、専門能力開発の機会となります。本論文は現実的なアドバイスを提供します。
  • Publication: さいたま市教育家会ジャーナル (JSCE) is an online journal.  They are an official publication, published in Saitama City, Japan.
  • Organization: さいたま市教育家会 (SCE) is a Japanese grassroots teaching organisation.  They are dedicated to providing a forum for professional development to anyone with an interest in education in Saitama City.
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