Article: Using Gmail to Organize Your Teaching Resources

  • Abstract: Teaching is a creative job.  Much energy is put into creating materials.  Much energy is wasted duplicating work, if materials are lost or not readily available.  Much potential is lost if resources are not preserved in a secure, accessible and useable way.  Gmail will help the unorganized teacher to become more efficient, effective and collaborative.
  • 要約: 教師とは創造的な職業です。教材を作るため、十分努力が はいります。紛失した教材、また、簡単にアクセスできない教材の場合にも 努力が必要になります。教材を安全・すぐに使用できるまとめないとある可 能性は減退します。
  • Publication: さいたま市教育家会ジャーナル (JSCE) is an online journal.  They are an official publication, published in Saitama City, Japan.
  • Organization: さいたま市教育家会 (SCE) is a Japanese grassroots teaching organisation.  They are dedicated to providing a forum for professional development to anyone with an interest in education in Saitama City.
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