Preparing Students for Parliamentary Style Debate

  • CT Scan, JALT Critical Thinking SIG Newsletter, [In Press]
  • Abstract: This article gives a simple explanation of the difference between examples and analogies. It will argue that from a practical point of view examples are more useful than analogies for novice debaters participating in parliamentary style debates. Finally it will describe a simple idea on how to begin preparing students to segue from academic to parliamentary style debate.


The SCE Contributor Model for Professional Development

  • The Journal of Saitama City Educators (JSCE), Volume 3, Issue 6, December 2013. Saitama City: さいたま市教育家会 (SCE)
  • Abstract: In an increasingly competitive job market, the traditional membership model is no longer fit for purpose. The Saitama City Educators (SCE) Contributor model is an attempt to reinvent what it means to be a member of a professional organization.


Using Small Whiteboards to Prepare for Writing Activities

  • The Saitama Journal of Language Teaching (SJLT), Volume 1, Issue 7, Winter 2013
  • Abstract:  A simple idea for using whiteboards to facilitate the sharing of ideas and expertise during the preparation stage of writing activities.


Debate Warm Ups


Collaboration: Some simple rules for email

  • The Journal of Saitama City Educators (JSCE), Volume 2, Issue 6, January 2012. Saitama City: さいたま市教育家会 (SCE)
  • Abstract: To plan an event like Nakasendo email is the best way to communicate.  A set of guidelines for how, when and why emails are sent should be agreed on by all collaborators before starting a project.  By beginning a group project with clearly defined roles and responsibilities and an agreement about how, when and why communication takes place, we are being professional
  • コラボレーション:電子メール用いくつかの単純なルール
  • 中山道コンファレンス」のようなイベントの計画にはメールでのやり取りが望ましいでしょう。プロジェクトチームのメンバーは、メールにより計画を始める前に、いつ、どこで、何のためにかなどの詳細を予め知らせなくてはなりません。以上のようなことをはっきりと明記•表記をしていく事でメンバーとしてのプロ意識の向上となります。
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Planning an Educational English Event for your Students

  • The Saitama Journal of Language Teaching (SJLT), Volume 1, Issue 6. Saitama City: JALT Omiya
  • Abstract:  Many schools, not just those that specialize in language education, hold educational English events. Frequently these events rely on the participation of ALTs. Often the burden of planning falls on junior Japanese teachers who may lack experience of planning, teaching in general, or knowledge of a particular institution or group of students. Increasingly teachers are passing this burden on to their ALTs. As an ALT at a municipal high school, I was given responsibility for our junior high school English camp with 10 ALTs and 240 students, over 4 days. An event such as this one represents an opportunity for professional development and personal satisfaction for the teachers involved. This article gives some practical advice, based on what I have learned, on how to plan an educational English event for your students.
  • 英語のイベントの組み立て
  • 要約: 外国語特長の学校だけではなく、多くの学校は英語のイベントを開きます。参加する先生方には、専門能力開発の機会となります。本論文は現実的なアドバイスを提供します。
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How to Create an Effective ‘Cloze’ Music Activity

  • The Journal of Saitama City Educators (JSCE), Volume 2, Issue 2. Saitama City: さいたま市教育家会 (SCE)
  • Abstract: A cloze activity is one in which learners listen for words omitted from a passage which they are given.  Creating an effective cloze is tricky.  The key is to anticipate the problems that learners will have with the language in the activity.  This article gives some practical advice on how to create an effective music cloze.
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Interview Drills: Making Textbooks more communicative

  • The Journal of Saitama City Educators (JSCE), Volume 2, Issue 1, April 2012. Saitama City: さいたま市教育家会 (SCE)
  • Abstract: Interview drills can be used to supplement your text book,  at various levels, to make your lessons more communicative.  Interview drills can also be used as a springboard to help students to become effective debaters.
  • 効果的な「クローズ」活動の組み立て
  • 要約: 「クローズ」活動と言うのは、文や引き用部で諸略された単語や文を聞き取る活動です。効果的なクローズをつくるのは難しいです。ポイントは生徒が引っ掛かるところを予想することです。歌のクローズを作る助言を提案します。
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A Teacher’s Handbook for Debate

  • Self-Published, November 2011
  • Blurb: A handbook written specifically for Japanese teachers of English and Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) interested in teaching debate to students at junior high school, high school and university.  Learn how to start a debate team from scratch, practice effectively and win debate matches at the All Japan High School Debate Competition. Containing an extensive debate glossary, concise explanations of key concepts in critical thinking and debate and advice on tactics and strategy, this book is intended to be of use to the novice and the expert alike.
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Using Gmail to Organize Teaching Materials

  • The Journal of Saitama City Educators (JSCE), Volume 1, Issue 5, December 2011. Saitama City: さいたま市教育家会 (SCE)
  • Abstract: Teaching is a creative job.  Much energy is put into creating materials.  Much energy is wasted duplicating work, if materials are lost or not readily available.  Much potential is lost if resources are not preserved in a secure, accessible and useable way.  Gmail will help the unorganized teacher to become more efficient, effective and collaborative.
  • Gmailで教材を構成する
  • 要約: 教師とは創造的な職業です。教材を作るため、十分努力が はいります。紛失した教材、また、簡単にアクセスできない教材の場合にも 努力が必要になります。教材を安全・すぐに使用できるまとめないとある可 能性は減退します。
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Dreidle: A cultural activity for Japanese language learners

  • The Journal of Saitama City Educators (JSCE), Volume 1, Issue 4, September 2011. Saitama City: さいたま市教育家会 (SCE)
  • Abstract: A short activity to introduce learners to the Jewish festival of Hanukkah through a traditional game.
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Five Techniques for Motivating Students

  • The Journal of Saitama City Educators (JSCE), Volume 1, Issue 3, June 2011. Saitama City: さいたま市教育家会 (SCE)
  • Abstract: Motivated students are a necessary condition of successful lessons.  Five techniques for motivating students: advertising, packaging, cross- selling, progression and recycling, are discussed.
  • 生徒への働きかけのあるの5つ工夫
  • にあたる積極な生徒は授業を成功す るために欠かせません。ここでは5 つの生徒への働きかけのある工夫を 紹介します:宣伝、包装、クロス販 売、進行とリサイクルイング。
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Survival English for Academic Debate Competitions

  • The Journal of Saitama City Educators (JSCE), Volume 1, Issue 2, April 2011. Saitama City: さいたま市教育家会 (SCE)
  • Abstract: For novice teams their first formal debate is very difficult.  Failure to perform adequately can leave them feeling de- motivated and unconfident in their ability to debate.  Conversely a credible performance, even if it results in a clear defeat, builds confidence and maintains motivation levels.  This article gives practical advice on how teams can survive their first formal debate.
  • アカデミック・ディベート大会のための基礎的英語力(サバイバル・イングリッシュ)
  • 初心者チームにとっては、初めて決められたフォーマットに従ってディベートすることは大変むずかしいものです。 最初の大会で失敗して上手くいかないと、自信がなくなり、ディベートに対するモチベーションが下がってしまうこ ともあります。しかし、チームが負けたとしても、それがしっかり取り組んだ結果ならば、モチベーションは下がる ことなく、むしろ次への意欲につながる可能性があります。ここでは、初めての大会の経験を有効に利用するための 実際的なアドバイスが紹介されています。
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Using Numbers Effectively in Debate

  • The Journal of Saitama City Educators (JSCE), Volume 1, Issue 1, February 2011. Saitama City: さいたま市教育家会 (SCE)
  • Abstract: Debate is becoming increasingly important within Japanese education.  Events such as the All-Japan High School Debate Competition are becoming more prestigious and competitive each year.  This article deals with the use of numbers in debate and provides practical advice for coaching your debate team to win matches.
  • ディベートでの数字の効果的な使い方
  • ディベート(討論)は日本の教育でますます重要な課題になってきています。日本全国高校 ディベート大会などの全国的に開催されるイベントの人気や競争性が年毎に高まっていま す。ここではディベートでの数字の効果的な使い方や優勝するための指導方法が紹介され ています。
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