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さいたま市教育家会 (SCE) was a 5 year project to create a organization for professional development. SCE grew out of discussions between Brad Semans and I. The main goal of SCE was to provide a forum for professional development to anyone with an interest in education in Saitama City.

We began in October 2010 by setting three goals: to create a website, to hold a meeting and to publish an issue of a journal with an ISSN number. We set a further goal of doing this by April 2011.

In 5 years, SCE published over 100 articles, in 25 issues, from over 50 authors. We held teacher training events and participated in the planning of 3 academic conferences and various joint events with other professional organizations.

Many of the original Contributors have gone on to successful careers in teaching. After 5 years Brad and I have decided to conclude the SCE project. JSCE, our journal, will continue and we are creating a suite of resources for anyone who wants to copy the SCE Contributor model.